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How Good Am I At Pickup? The Truth About Infield Footage

What seduction coaches don’t tell you is that all infield is a compilation of the best of the best. They have mostly highlighted their strengths and hidden their weaknesses. For example, take a look at my video.

This video only shows less than 1% of the few nights I have been out. How much recording was that? Let’s approximate it to 12 hours (3 nights of non-stop recording) which means 720 minutes.

The video is 3 minutes long, meaning that 3/720 = 0.0042.

This means that this video only shows 0.42% of what my actual skillset looks like.¬†In the case in which you were wondering how in the world you could do that, well that’s how I do it. I just film¬†a lot, then only select the very best.


  1. I highlight my strengths.¬†I am good at approaching girls in high-energy environments, most notably music festivals. I’m good at going direct,¬†and that’s the only style that I show in my videos.
  2. I avoid showing what I’m less good at.¬†The reason why I never add the conversations in my videos is that, well… verbals are my weakness.
  3. I cut away all the fluff and irrelevant footage.¬†¬†That is the reality of infield footage or in fact any video you will see on the internet. While all the in-between conversation between point A to point B is important, I do not show it because the point of the video is to show how “good” I am. In this case, it was just for art.
  4. I film for several hours. I do so because if I only filmed for a short amount, I might have ended up with not enough content.

Here you have it. This is the truth about infield footage that no other so-called PUA coach will tell you. Remember that I am not a guru. I’m an individual just like you, and anything I do you can do it too. You just gotta put in the effort, that’s all.

John K.

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Escaping “negative” emotions by doing other distracting things does not really help. Hence, I have made it a practice to meditate everyday whenever sadness, anger, loneliness, anxiety, or any other paralyzing emotion is present. When I isolate myself for a little too long I sometimes tend to attract those unwanted emotions. Whenever this happens, I sit down to calm down my mind and recenter my breath.

I am sure you’ve been there too. Here’s a video I’ve done on the topic a long time ago. I often have to remind myself of the very things I teach and apply them myself. Meditation takes a very long time to master, and I plan on mastering it eventually.