If you are curious about the person behind this mask, there’s one thing I can tell you: the person behind this mask is an individual just like you. I am no special guru, no magician, and no cult-leader of any sort. I go by the alias of John Killingsworth, and I describe myself as a filmmaker, pickup-artist, spiritual seeker & self-development enthusiast. Though, those are only labels I use for practicality so do not fixate on them.

The reasons why I wear this mask are plenty: it allows me to communicate my ideas to the world encumbered neither by praise nor hate, nor by the need to inflate my self-image nor preserve it. For every idea that comes into the world, most of us become so engrossed in knowing the individual behind it, though it is only an ego thing. I guess you could call me some sort of self-help, anonymous superhero.

Do not take any idea as belonging to anyone. 

Thieves wear masks, and I wear one because I am one. The culmination of everything that I know has been stolen from individuals with more wisdom and intellect than myself. In fact, thousands upon thousands of researchers, scholars, scientists, engineers, inventors, sages, artists and writers have done the exact same thing, though the difference with me is that I openly admitted it.

I never really considered myself wise, because all I did was model those around me.

There is no pride in owning materialistic or intellectual properties. There is no pride in flashing one’s success to the world in attempts to be recognized one day. There is no pride in seeking the world’s validation.  The only fulfillment I found is within.

Remember to be critical of what I say, but mostly, learn to read between the lines for your own truth. I try to create my own meaning out of my own direct experience of reality, and in this quest, invite you to do the same.

If you haven’t already, I invite you on the path towards self-improvement. Consider me your friend walking alongside you, not your mom taking your hand to show you exactly where to go. If you decide to join me, then I wish you good luck on this long, arduous yet incredibly fulfilling journey we can partake in together.


John K.

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