Turning Pro, Selling Out & Impostor Syndrome | Feeling Like A Fraud? Well Too Bad, Because You Still Gotta Do It

The more I progress on my path towards self-development, the more that my identity is shifting. The reason for impostor syndrome – or feeling like a fraud – comes from homeostasis. It is a natural phenomenon that acts as a sure way to guarantee safety and security. What has worked in the past kept me alive for all those years, so why bother to change? Why should I expand my comfort zone if all of it is unnecessary for survival?

I only see one way out of impostor syndrome, and it’s to go through it. I realize that one of the most uncomfortable things to do is to expand one’s identity. I am no longer the “shy introvert” from 5-10 years ago. I am a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and self-published (soon) writer. Simply writing those words make me uncomfortable, but that is now my new reality and I will live up to that standard no matter what.

Starting this website was the first step towards turning pro. Though, this is only step one. Soon after I plan to start 1-on-1 online coaching, doing online courses and writing some more. Marketing is the hardest, overlooked part of most artists and creators who just want their ideas to magically land on their audience’s lap. They do things for free or for very cheap indefinitely in fear of ruffling a few feathers and going “commercial”. Their disdain for success and fame is only a projection of their deepest fear: the fear of success.

There are plenty of brilliant, talented individuals who have never made it because they refused to turn pro. They refused to face reality. Their excuses were that they didn’t want to “sell out”. They reinforce their pride as non-conformists by refusing to accept the reality of the market for what it truly is. The reality is that making it as a creator is hard. Really hard.

On this note, I invite you to do the same. Don’t just follow your dreams. Create your own reality. Bend reality to your will by any means necessary.


John K.

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Filmmaker, Spiritual Seeker & Self-Development Enthusiast

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